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Issues with my Hel self. Since I connected it, I am having issues where either I have mic input working with no sound on headphones happens the mostheadphone sound with no mic working, and intermittently I hear a crackling sound. I reached out to Schiit but haven't heard anything back yet on advanced troubleshooting - anyone have any advice?

Can I just ask real quick, have you double checked to ensure you have the power and pc cables in the right ports? Caused this exact issue. The other thing, I had to restart my pc as well. I'm assuming you've already tried, but figured I'd ask.

I've connected, reconnected, and restarted a few times. I'm at a loss on what else to try : It's a shame if I have to return it since it basically has all the things I want. Both the input and output device are set to the Hel in the sound settings in the control panel. I've been having similar issues. Out of the box, it took me hours of troubleshooting to get anything working at all.

Turning off "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" on all my USB devices, seemed to work. I played music through the headphones, and through the preamp when you disconnect the headphones for hours, played some games, until suddenly the music just cut out right in the middle of a song. No amount of replugging, reinstalling, changing cables and flipping switches seems to work.

It just stopped working. The most frustrating part is that my PC recognizes it fine, it shows as a new USB device, it shows as the default Playback and Recording devices, and it even shows volume being sent to it when playing music.

The Hel simply doesn't seem to pass it through to the preamp or to the headphones anymore. I am seriously at wits end, and since I'm in Europe, I'm pretty much screwed, as returning it will be way too expensive to be worth it. I really, really hope something will turn up, but even as an experienced IT guy, I'm having trouble finding any rhyme or reason in these issues. Okay, hopefully I can help you or someone else with my troubleshooting steps that seem to have some effect:.

I replaced the wall plug at least 2. A new plug, identical in specs, does work. This seems to work consistently for me. If I don't do these 3 things, I will have a very, very low volume to preamp output, with everything turned up to the max including the gain switch.

For me, it doesn't matter whether I use the cable that came with it, or a replacement one. I feel like the one I have on hand is better quality, but Schiit recommends the connection cable to not exceed 2m mine is 3m. So, I'm using the supplied one. From another thread on Hel issues I've found a possible solution that involves "Listen to this device" for an unused microphone port. This basically forces a constant inaudible sound to the Hel speakers, so that they never sleep.

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Schiit Audio Hel High-Power Gaming DAC/Amp Review: Game On

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Also, include more info about your "platform" if needed. Please follow this guide to include proper info. Disclaimer: Both of these products were sent to me by Schiit, all opinions are my own and Schiit hasn't done anything to influence what I think of them. I am in no way being paid to say anything and they have not asked me to say anything positive or negative about these products.

schiit hel reddit

These were simply sent out to me for testing per my request. Huge thank you to Schiit for sending them out. The Fulla 3 and Hel are Schiit Audio's first foray into the gaming market. But these are not gaming products in the way I'm used to that meaning. There really aren't any gaming features, or gimmicks for better or for worse.

The upside to this is there is no bloatware, no software, there just plug and play. The downside is that it doesn't really offer, like I said, any gaming features.

No mic monitoring, no chat mix, etc. I'm not saying it needs any of these but some of the more basic features would have been nice. I will go into that more later. The Fulla 3 is an update on their popular little combo unit the Fulla 2. All they did was add an ADC for 3. The Hel is simply a grown-up Fulla 3, different output staging for more power, larger housing, gain switch, input switch, microphone volume wheel and an on-off switch.

The Fulla 3 and Hel follow in the footsteps of all the other Schiit products by being enclosed within a 2 part metal chassis.

This gives them some nice weight to them along with them feeling very durable. The Fulla 3 comes in their optional Black cassis colour, so the top piece is black and the bottom and slides are grey.Yes, Hel. As in the Norse underworld. Or something like that. In any case, Hel delivers like 40x the power of a typical computer headphone output, plus it has a podcast-quality stereo-compatible electret mic input.

Because you want more power or flexibility. Hel delivers 4x the power of Fulla 3, it has a gain switch for harder-to-drive or more sensitive headphones, it has a switchable analog input, and it has front-panel adjustable microphone gain and a stereo mic input.

More power, physical adjustment of microphone output, and easily capable as an all you need device, even in a main setup. The Fulla makes more sense to me as a secondary or portable device, as you only need to attach one cable, whereas the Hel demands power from the wall, making it a little less travel friendly. If that's not available, I'm buying one at retail.

This wonderful little amp and DAC covers all of my desktop audio needs, both for gaming and music alike. Its bountiful output is enough to drive even the greediest headphones and gaming headsets in my collection, and its sound quality is simply delicious. It is the perfect companion for those wanting a better sound experience while playing games or listening to music.

With Hel, your PC setup is complete. It can outperform any standard audio device, and the fun is just beginning. Hel offers so much more. Like any sound system you will notice a huge difference if you have a amp feeding the source. Car stereo systems, home theater systems, and even headphones just sound better when the source is amplified. Now what I first noticed about the Hel is the lack of plastic. The Hel is housed in metal and not cheap plastic.

The finish and paint were both flawless. The switches are sturdy and the volume knob has a nice feel to it.Schiit Stack vs Hel self. They seem like completely different options, however only one metric is really important to me for this particular comparison; what quality do I get once the signal leaves the preamp to my powered monitors?

I have some great speakers and although I love the compactness of the HEL, I don't want to compromise. Perhaps the HEL also introduces a little more noise? Just to be clear; by all other metrics mic input, headphone output, etc the HEL is good enough for my purposes, which obviously makes the stack overkill in many respects, but I can't compromise on the DAC for my speakers.

I've been running off the line out from my Hel for the past few months. I've been enjoying the output. Schiit stack vs Hel hits a similar pricepoint so component and design compromises are likely to be similar. Running direct from DAC to monitors with the stack will either require recabling to switch to headphones or adding in a SYS.

The obvious alternative here is to run the monitors off the preamp outputs on the Magni. This may also benefit you with a more convenient volume control location, depending on the monitors and their placement. Everything is a compromise, even buying the most expensive DAC on the market think of all the other opportunities you'd have to give up. It's about finding a sound signature that you enjoy assuming this is a listening setup rather than mastering and picking components that help you achieve that sound.

Maybe you love a studio style flat sound, maybe you love bass, maybe you love a punched up V shaped tuning. What's your current setup as a baseline? If your coming from onboard sound, the Hel or Modi will both give you much better decoding to your monitors.


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Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account.Schiit Hel Help!! But it seems with this Hel, i can only have the headphones plugged in and have the preamps muted. Since its cable that runs into the speakers themselves, im unsure how to fix or go about this other than outright purchasing new speakers.

Is there a way to bypass this or should i look into returning my Hel? I just plugged back my Fiio e10 and it works right with my speakers just fine. The speakers seem to work just fine, just not with the Hel. I'm unsure where to go from here. Edit: So i figured out what my issue was. Had to turn up the volume knob quite a bit and play with the levels a bit and it works just fine, having to unplug the headphone jack is new for me but non-issue!

Whew thought i had to shell out more money. They mute the pre-amp out when headphones are plugged in. As a preamp the highest volume setting is "normal" line out level, maybe with some amplification. As a headphone amp this is ear-splitting level. You just have to remember to turn it down when plugging in the headphones next. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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Would there be any noticeable difference between that and the Fulla 3? In terms of audio, overkill is not really that bad since you can always upgrade your equipment in the future. Both can drive 32ohms headphones no problem but don't expect the fulla 3 to provide the same volume as the hel at the same volume knob position.

schiit hel reddit

Plus the hel has a gain switch that you can use for higher or lower impedence headphones. What headphones are you using? Philips Fidelio X2HR. But I want to have a good enough amp to upgrade them later. Possibly to the DTs buy I haven't decided yet. Those headphones do not need an amp at all. If you want to purchase an amp to accommodate future upgrades, either of those amps would be fine. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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schiit hel reddit

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I have hds and an element currently. Currently, I just run the mic input past my amp and behind my desk. I hate wires. Will the Schiit be a downgrade in audio quality or volume I like higher volumes? If I was in your situation, I'd buy a "real" microphone instead. They don't have to be expensive either, certainly less than half the price of a Schiit Hel for sound quality better than a mod mic.

I went from a blu yeti to the modmic. The mic is just for gaming and for my situation the modmic is better. Alright, let's start some things off real quick. Get you some background as to what you are asking. DAC: These are pretty much solved. Solid state is solid state and will sound like solid state. Something like a tube dac, R-2R ladder or uncommon solid state implementations have the ability to sound different. The tube will sound the most different obviously - it's distortionand solid state may sound different - but only on tracks you know very well and with really good source material and headphones.

Your HD is getting there, so you might be able to pick out some differences in solid-state implementations if everything aligns, but I'd say most likely not. Amp: This is a bit more of a tossup. The Element is a bit of an older all-in-one design, while the Hel is the gamer version of the Fulla with some minor upgrades.

Yeah, the Hel will probably be louder - but too loud and you cause hearing damage and beyond that you have driver damage to the headphone. Either way, I would say the two would be roughly equal. If anything, upgrade your source then your headphones. That is, unless you either spend a lot more cash on a good solid state, or leave for non-solid state designs like an OTL tube amp but then you lose accuracy for distortion. Thanks for the reply. I know DACs are more or less the sane to a certain price point.

Fidelity is going to be the same, barring some very minor differences from chips used and circuitry and this is being generous here, amps in this budget range are going to use similar performing components. Biggest difference is going to be the amount of power they can push, but even then both can drive power-hungry headphones like planars with no issue. In short, if you want readily available audible differences you're going to need to wave more cash or go with a completely different topology.

Yes, there are dacs that use tubes. Some people like them, others don't. As you can expect, you can also roll tubes and change the distortion that the dac produces. I don't know if this changes anything at an audible level, but to each their own.

This is because the tube will produce more distortion than the R-2R ladder.

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